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A survey by the University of Exeter found that the top 7 most common conditions treatable my complementary therapies include stress/anxiety, headaches/migraine, back pain, respiratory problems (including asthma), insomnia, cardiovascular problems and musculoskeletal problems.

We appreciate that many of these conditions are problems that may be affecting your employees. We are happy to work with you on health promotion days by coming in to visit your staff and to answer any questions regarding the treatments that are available.

In a major survey last year, Getting Back to Work, the Association of British Insurers concluded that the persistence of sick days could be down to Britain’s failure to adequately address how people come back to work after sick leave. At the Natural Health Service we believe that one of the best ways to tackle the problem of work related illness is that of prevention and rehabilitation, many would argue that complementary therapies are better at this than conventional medical treatments.

If you are interested in us working with you to support the health of your employees please feel free to contact us.